Thursday, April 12, 2012

Triples "S" Challenge Link Up Week 3

WEEK THREE ALREADY?? Wow we are on a roll ladies. I hope everyones week has been going great and everyone has done some workouts and stayed on track. Those bathing suits hanging there staring us down everyday think they can beat us but no no no we will prove them wrong wont we? We will step on them scales with our heads held high and see them numbers drop away and no we wont stop for one sec or doubt ourselves if we see the number go up. Please that is not enough to stop us. WE ARE STRONG WOMEN!!! WE ARE THE BIGGEST LOSERS ANYONE HAS MET!!! AND WE ARE PROUD TO BE CALLED A BUNCH OF LOSERS FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES!!! You all are my favorite losers!!! haha!! Well I hope week four goes great. Lets get them ap's in and stay hydrated. Good luck ladies!!!


  1. Wow so I missed my own link up :( I had a busy busy day so I am very sorry ladies I will link up tomorrow ASAP.


    sorry im late guys!!!