Sunday, February 19, 2012

Challenge Start Date And Details

The sexy swimsuit summer challenge will officially start March 22 2012 And will end June 20 2012. To join the challenge you must be accepted. To be considered please do the following... ~follow the blog and comment to me telling me why you would like to join this challenge and how you would help/support the others~. I will only be accepting a few challengers to keep a great support system and not overwhelming. So whats the challenge exactly you may ask? well....

To be in this challenge you must do the following

1. Choose a bathing suit that is your goal size this means you can not fit in it now (well properly at least)
2. Take a picture of it (we would love to see)
3. Take progress pictures (this is not a must but helps a lot)
5. Include weight in each post (you can also include measurements if you would like)
6. Let us know what you are doing to lose weight (weight watchers, calorie count, jenny craig, well you get it) and exercise you are doing. Also people like to add water intake i think this is a nice addition too but not mandatory
7. Try your hardest
9. At the end of the challenge post a pic of you with the bathing suit on
10. SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!!!! I can not stress this enough but this is pretty much the most important besides updating. We all need support that why we joined the challenge.

I hope to hear from you all. Theres four weeks before the challenge starts but challenge spots submissions close once spots are filled up.