Friday, May 11, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 7

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Knock knock" "who is it" "week 6" Already!! Lol I'm updating from work do forgive me for it being a little late. First off let me say congrats you have mde it to week 6 hooray!! Now let me say I am so sorry for my lack of commenting and support ugh I've been so busy bit no excuse I will def be there this week. Sorry sorry sorry ladies :( I hope every ones week has been great and I can not wait to hear about them. This challenge is going by so fast it's scary. Let's give ourselves a big pat on the back for sticking it out and let's make this week coming count. I hope everyone has a great week and an awesome day. Take care!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Link Up Week 5

CONGRATS YOU MADE IT TO WEEK 5 lol I have beeeeeen ooooooooberly busy I am so so so sorry this is such a late link up so I will keep it open until monday 11:59 pm eastern time. I hope everyone had a great week Or atleast had fun :) We have about 1 1/2 months left can you believe how fast time has been going by? Crazy Crazy I guess time goes by fast when your dropping and trying to drop lbs. So heres the thing I have A CRAP LOAD on my plate(you will read about it once I update) and it makes it extremely hard to type a nice not or say hi on here and then post the link up before thursday night SOOOOOO if you come on here there may be a link up and nothing said I am going to try my best to still write a little something but like I said its been hard so I am no guaranteeing it. sorry sorry I know I have become a crappy challenge leader :*( thats why next one if I have one there will be an assistant so HA!!! Busy wont stop me. lol So with out further adieu.....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Link Up Week 4

sorry guys I have been having a rough last 2 days so I am opening the link up but I will have to write something later. I def should have had a Partner for this challenge so Link Ups were always on time and had a little something written. Well I will Update soon. Sorry again but link up is open below

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Triples "S" Challenge Link Up Week 3

WEEK THREE ALREADY?? Wow we are on a roll ladies. I hope everyones week has been going great and everyone has done some workouts and stayed on track. Those bathing suits hanging there staring us down everyday think they can beat us but no no no we will prove them wrong wont we? We will step on them scales with our heads held high and see them numbers drop away and no we wont stop for one sec or doubt ourselves if we see the number go up. Please that is not enough to stop us. WE ARE STRONG WOMEN!!! WE ARE THE BIGGEST LOSERS ANYONE HAS MET!!! AND WE ARE PROUD TO BE CALLED A BUNCH OF LOSERS FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES!!! You all are my favorite losers!!! haha!! Well I hope week four goes great. Lets get them ap's in and stay hydrated. Good luck ladies!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Link Up Week 2

It been two weeks now and we have seen a lot of losses. You girlies are rocking them scales and showing them who is boss... We all know thats not the only losses, as we have lost participants :( I know we will continue this challenge stronger than ever and now with only 3 ppl this is going to be easy to be the best support system ever for each other.

Moving on though with two weeks down this give us a little less than 11 weeks left.  at 2 lbs a week this could still give us a 20 lb loss before the first day of spring. WOOOT WOOOT.

Well have a great week 3 and keep them lbs dropping. Good luck all!!

oh link up will only be open midnight tonight- midnight sunday I kept it open an extra day last week because I missed a day.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So we lost a participant and now are down to just three of us :( I know it started out we were supposed to have 5 ppl one never showed up and one has things going on (I wish you luck shannon!!! and I cant wait to see the bathing suit pic) If you have anyone looking to be in a challenge I guess let them know about this one as now I have 2 openings for sure but willing to take a couple more. Im going to ask you all if I should make a challenge after this one since the participant number isnt successful.... well at least we all are right? :) Well just wanted to give you the heads up hopefully we will get a few late participants if not o well We are still here We are still strong and WE CAN DO THIS!!! good luck this week ROBIN AND TAY TAY!!!!