Saturday, April 28, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Link Up Week 5

CONGRATS YOU MADE IT TO WEEK 5 lol I have beeeeeen ooooooooberly busy I am so so so sorry this is such a late link up so I will keep it open until monday 11:59 pm eastern time. I hope everyone had a great week Or atleast had fun :) We have about 1 1/2 months left can you believe how fast time has been going by? Crazy Crazy I guess time goes by fast when your dropping and trying to drop lbs. So heres the thing I have A CRAP LOAD on my plate(you will read about it once I update) and it makes it extremely hard to type a nice not or say hi on here and then post the link up before thursday night SOOOOOO if you come on here there may be a link up and nothing said I am going to try my best to still write a little something but like I said its been hard so I am no guaranteeing it. sorry sorry I know I have become a crappy challenge leader :*( thats why next one if I have one there will be an assistant so HA!!! Busy wont stop me. lol So with out further adieu.....

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