Thursday, April 5, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Link Up Week 2

It been two weeks now and we have seen a lot of losses. You girlies are rocking them scales and showing them who is boss... We all know thats not the only losses, as we have lost participants :( I know we will continue this challenge stronger than ever and now with only 3 ppl this is going to be easy to be the best support system ever for each other.

Moving on though with two weeks down this give us a little less than 11 weeks left.  at 2 lbs a week this could still give us a 20 lb loss before the first day of spring. WOOOT WOOOT.

Well have a great week 3 and keep them lbs dropping. Good luck all!!

oh link up will only be open midnight tonight- midnight sunday I kept it open an extra day last week because I missed a day.

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