Saturday, March 31, 2012

Triple "S" Challenge Update Week 1

So how did everyone do this week? I hope great!! I'm sorry for the late link up but I was at a funeral yesterday and then had to help clear a house out. I got my aps in and my tears out :( again very very sorry about the late link up. Did you get your exercise in and stay OP or with in calories? I know you girlies rock these diets so I know I'm bound to read a great loss :) I don't know about you guys but this week flew by so fast. I can only imagine how fast the challenge is going to go. I hope everyone has another great week and get those aps in!! Ttyl!

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  1. Yes Kim I was going to do an update but couldn't get around to it. I have to back out of the challenge. Somthing very important has come up at church & I have to study like crazy & won't have time to update for the challenge like I would like & that wouldn't be fair to you ladies. Please forgive me for the short notice. I will still enocourage you ladies. I will still update my blog from time to time on my weight loss & will still show you my swimming suit when I get down. Hope to be able to join the next challenge. Thank You & praying you all do well :)